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Welcome to Electronic Mind Studios!

Welcome! Here's where I keep some of the stuff I do, and more's to come!

Shader Sandwich, a visual shader editor for Unity 3D. The image shows a burning sphere next to a complex interface. An animated cartoon. The image shows a 3D animation forest in a style similar to claymation.
Shader Sandwich - A visual shader editor for the Unity Engine! Charlie's Rainy Day - Animated Web Series
(Coming Soon!)
Short Films. The image shows a werewolf (a mythylogical creature) looking around a corner) Unity House Assets. This image shows the interior of a house rendered in the Unity 3D game engine.
Short Films Unity House Assets

Things to do! See More...

Vertex Toastie/Shader Sandwich GI/AO!
Switch to Render Textures
Fix Hierarchy Traversal
Add Disk Smoothing
Add Multi-Object Culling
Add One-Child Culling
Fix Over Occlusion
Add GI Bounce Lights Properly
Add Area Lights
Add Interface
Tidy Interface
Debug Debug Debug!!
Maths Methods
Business Management
Music Style and Composition
Film Making
Location Scout for Julia's Short
Get back to writing Malia's Monsters/Predispositions/Other Titles I Can Think Of
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