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Welcome to Electronic Mind Studios!

Welcome! Here's where I keep some of the stuff I do, and more's to come!

Shader Sandwich, a visual shader editor for Unity 3D. The image shows a burning sphere next to a complex interface. An animated cartoon. The image shows a 3D animation forest in a style similar to claymation.
Shader Sandwich - A visual shader editor for the Unity Engine! Charlie's Rainy Day - Animated Web Series
(Coming Soon!)
Short Films. The image shows a werewolf (a mythylogical creature) looking around a corner) Unity House Assets. This image shows the interior of a house rendered in the Unity 3D game engine.
Short Films Unity House Assets

Things to do! See More...

Business Management
Vertex Toastie
Finish Hierarchy View
Add Collapsing
Add Scene Distinctions
Expose All Settings
Tidy/Seperate API
Fix Skinned Mesh Renderer Bugs
Realtime AO/GI
Freaking post something on the thread!!!
Product Stuff
Work out how to package Vertex Toastie, Shader Sandwich and Realtime AO/GI
Like, should Shader Sandwich include it all by default, should Vertex Toastie contain the realtime AO/GI stuff as well, how do the three help eachother out and connect if sold seperately, etc
Just don't want the final package to be too expensive if people only want certain things, but at the same time don't want to rip myself off (want more film gear dammit! haha), and need to make sure I don't accidentally give people bad deals either.
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