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Blog Comments
9 years ago - niggers (Spike1)
Hooray, the blog can now be commented on! Said I'd get it done before the new year, and here it is :D. Hope you all had a great Christmas!

I went up to another country town (Maffra) to visit some relatives, and stayed for a Christmas dinner, it was pretty fun 8).

Well anyway, I'll be getting back to work on Shader Sandwich now, but before then, tomorrow even, I'll be uploading a mega post containing comparisons of my favorite game engines. Should be pretty cool, just need to add the "Read More...." part to the site as it's pretty long haha :D.

Ok, I'll be back tomorrow!

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Merry Christmas!
9 years ago - niggers (Spike1)

Merry Christmas everyone! I want to thank anyone who visits this site for a great few, months..., and I hope I haven't bored you too tears with my escapades :D. I want to wish you all a great day, enjoy!

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Frosty Four Digits
9 years ago - niggers (Spike1)
On a role here!A website I frequent called 64 Digits is hosting its annual chistmas game jam with a difference. Frosty 4 Digits is a game competition where the game has to fit a christmas theme.
Instead of the usual month we get, it'll only be a two day jam, which'll start on the 20th. I'll be joining in so obviously the other two projects will be on hold, sorry about that :).

I've got a few cool ideas for it, so we'll see where it goes :).

Shader Sandwich

In regards to Shader Sandwich I've finished the revamp of the lighting system! It can now generate some more optimized shaders, along with not bugging out when using certain combined properties.
Overall I expect to have it done early January. It's a bit later than I was aiming for, but the product should be nice and stable then.


I figured it'd be fun to take a break from only talking about the software and games that I'm working on and simply chat :). It's been fun actually working on things that could be somewhat commercially successfull, although it does make it somewhat more stressfull haha :D.

On a really random tangent, I recently saw Interstellar. Really enjoyed the film despite its major flaws, especially the imagery when travelling through the wormhole. A year or two back I got really interested in wormholes and tried to picture it and their visual of it were spot on! In-fact most of the films audio/visuals were fantastic. But yeah, I found some of the characters a little, well, very underdeveloped so that was a bit of a let down.

Going Forward

As we near the the end of the year I figured it would be a good idea to talk about what I'm planning for 2015. Obviously I've still got to finish Shader Sandwich, but after that I've got to get back to Morte Grimm. I'm planning on restarting the engine due to how terribly I programmed it before, although the art style will stay the same :). I'm thinking with the money I'm earning I'll be able to hire some artists for the cutscenes which'll be good.

Onward from that's a bit more of a mystery. I know I really want to complete a feature length animated film, but that is definently gonna take a while. Other than that I also have another, more ambitious game idea set in the same universe as Morte Grimm around 2000 years later.

The site will definently be renevated soon as it's pretty shaky at the moment. I'll probably go with a cleaner dark look that the current one, or may go bright, not sure :). I'll definently be adding the ability to comment on blogs soon, maybe even before 2015, we'll see!

Well anyway, sorry for the fairly dry post, I'll have a funner one in two days once I start working on the game!

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