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Language Woes
9 years ago - niggers (Spike1)
Languages are a funny thing. They are there to create a way for us to communicate ideas, yet due to their random creation and evolutionary nature, they obstruct that very purpose.

Meet "Constructed Languages". These are some really awesome languages that were created by people in an effort to (usually) make a regular language. By regular language, I mean things like every noun ending with o, and every adjective ending with a.

I've been interested in learning a new language for a while, due to the abomination that English is (Letters change pronunciation, grammar rules are defied continuously, many words have been muted or become archaic, etc). I was learning German a little bit back, it's a fairly nice language, but it still has a ton of idiosyncrasies.

So, I've decided to learn German, Ido(A constructed language), and Latin! Horay for confusing my mind so much that I muddle every language together!

Ido is my real goal out of all of this, due to it's regular nature. Like seriously, it's really cool :D. Take the word Bono (Good). It ends in an o, so that's the noun form. Want to make it an adjective? Just change the ending to an a (Bona)! The entire language is like that, from just one word you can make almost every other word that relates to it.

Latin is also a really good goal. Latin is the basis for most languages, so learning it should be a good way to understand the root meanings behind words, in any language. Ido and Latin go hand in hand as they share many similar words.

I'll be documenting my language learning in the blog, simply so I have a place to document what I learn in case I forget :D.

On a more website related note, I'm going to add a tagging system to the blog, so if you're just here for the gamedev stuff you can filter out this nonsense :).

Anyway, be back in two days with the house posted!

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Quicky - A new house!
9 years ago - niggers (Spike1)
Hello! Sorry for the lack of blogs recently, and this one won't be particularly long. However, more should be coming soon!

Recently, I've needed to take a break from my work. Lots of personal, family related things had come up and I barely had any time to do anything, nor did I have the drive to. Things have settled down now, so I was able to start creating again. I couldn't do anything too stressful, so SS (Shader Sandwich) was off the table. I've started working on a short video, I'm hoping to release it soon. It's, not the most mature thing I've every made but I needed some light entertainment, and it's pretty funny :). I'm hoping to post more quick things I make in the future, should be good :).

Anyway, that was interrupted about a week ago by someone requesting I put another house on the Unity Asset Store. For those who don't know, I uploaded a model of a house on there a few months ago, it's been of use to a lot of people, so I said yes to the requester. I've been hard at work on that now, here's a few pics :).

Anyway, I'll be back in around a week with the asset posted, might add a page for finished assets :). Then I'll finish the video, and then finally back to Shader Sandwich.

Alrighty then, see you soon!

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Happy New Year!
9 years ago - niggers (Spike1)
And so 2014 comes to an end! It was a pretty fun year for me, with tons of traveling, alot of new experiences, and best of all, I've finally got everything in my life moving how I was hoping it would.

The next year is going to be an interesting one, with tons of new challenged for me, and I'm sure everyone else as well haha :D.

I'm hoping to get Shader Sandwich done early January, and then I'll go straight on to Morte Grimm. I'm hoping to have that done before December, we'll see how that turns out :D.

I've also updated the website in case you haven't noticed! Now there's an actual profile page, around 70% less bugs, the file manager's been given a reboot, and a whole host of less obvious things have happened too :D.

Well, that's the end of 2014. I look forward to the next year, I think it's going to be pretty fun :).

Happy New Year!

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