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6 years ago - Sean Boettger(Spike1)

Sean Boettger

Hello again!

I finished the VFX Breakdown video for The Wolf's Lens, so if you're interested in a very brief overview of how I did the visual effects for it then check it out!

The final beginner tutorial is also now in video form, so you can see that below or in the Shader Sandwich Manual :)

I'm going to post a new tutorial every few days for the next two weeks, and after that I'll get to work on the program itself. Some of the tutorials planned are: Tessellated Fur, Shell Fur, Ocean, Skin and procedural wood. I've also already added a very small feature to Shader Sandwich, which is smoother navigation within the preview window. It's not particularly important but it still feels much more intuitive and interactive :).

So, Charlie's Rainy Day. It's been a while since I've talked about this, sorry to anyone who's actually interested in it XD. Anyway, it's still going to happen, but in a slightly different form. I'm just going to make a 10 min short film out of it.

The reason for this is that SOMA (a new horror game from Frictional Games) actually managed to cover a bunch of what Charlie's Rainy Day was going to, and there's not much point in me re-treading over such a masterfully told story as SOMA. So instead I'm going to alter the plot to be wholly unrecognizable and just make a short film out of it :). It's definitely going to be on the back burner though since I have so many other more important and more interesting things going on. It will be completed eventually though, I promise :).

Thanks for reading!
Posted 6 years ago
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