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Electronic Mind Studios

Unity Assets

Here are a some various models and other miscellaneous things I've uploaded to the Unity Asset Store
Double Story Home has everything you need to make a convincing house, with many pieces of furniture and decor to spice things up. With multiple lighting set-ups you can choose the atmosphere, with day and sunset options built in. Want to move an item? Everything in Double Story Home can be moved around and opened or closed.

Double Story Home also comes with several scripts and shaders, that can be used anywhere to improve many of your models looks and speed.
Asset Store Link - $20
A wonderful old home filled with furniture and style. With over 20 prefabs and multiple lighting setups, this is a must have for any game creators. It has many uses, from a Hub to a psychological horror game set inside a house! It can be used with Unity and Unity Pro, however all images and demos have been created with Unity to show the quality of the asset, unaltered by filters and realtime shadows.
Asset Store Link - $15
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