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Stupid Box - 1/4/2016
I was right :(
April fools to me...

The Problems I Don't Have - 24/3/2016
Decided to try and balance out the emoness with a song making fun of emo songs XD. First attempt at a comedy song, partly inspired by Bo Burnham's #deep song, but slightly more serious or something Idk...

A Matter of Presence - 10/3/2016
Mostly solved now.

Master of Shit - 16/2/2016 -
Temporary recording I threw together, full of mistakes but then again, the song is about mediocrity so maybe it works XD. Was also my first attempt recording a song in literally 8 years or so.

Yup 2016_5_10 - 10/5/2016
Dem feelings dump, pretty bad, but I like it for some reason.

The Programmer; INTERNAL_DATA soundtrack - 4/4/2016
Am actually extremely proud of how this one turned out, really helped pull the entire piece together.

Unused Theme Music for Moirai
Made this for the Moirai project to help set the mood, will go unused though XD.

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