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5 years ago - Sean Boettger(Spike1)

Sean Boettger

Hi everyone!

Shader Sandwich Tutorials!

I've finished a bunch of Shader Sandwich Tutorials!

Here are the beginner tutorial remakes:

And here's a more advanced one, a water shader tutorial!

Other Updates!

I also figured I'd make a vlog, since it'd be fun and also useful for those who subscribed to my channel without realising how eclectic it is haha.

In other news I've created another Twitter account, this one being a more professional account that only focuses on Shader Sandwich updates and finished projects, rather than spurious posts and antics:

So if all you're interested in is that sort of stuff, then feel free to follow that one instead :)

Alright this one was pretty short, but yeah :). Thanks for reading!

Oh, and I also made this thing...
Posted 5 years ago
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