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A New Beginning!
A New Beginning!
9 years ago - niggers (Spike1)
It's been a while since there has been activity here due to a large number of private and time consuming events. However, this website is now back and will be better than ever! Electronic Mind Studios will now begin working on a proper game which will be hopefully sold on steam.

As you can see we have updated the creations page to show what we are currently working on. We will currently be working on Project Kenny, a tale involving the Grim Reaper as you battle Life in a metaphorical battle. It will take around half a year to complete, however will have a more complex art style than pixel art and should have about 2-3 hours of gameplay.

Anyway, hopefully this all continues well. We will be updating this blog at least once a week from now, with new screenshots and videos each time. Thanks for hanging around if you are still out there!

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