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Shader Sandwich - Released!
8 years ago - niggers (Spike1)
Unity Asset Store page!

It's out! I had to fix a few more issues, but after that it was uploaded pretty quickly :D. I've updated the Shader Sandwich page to show that it's out, and also made a thread on the Unity Forum (here) so yay! Not much else to say really, other than hopefully it all goes smoothly from here on out :).

I'll be putting together a potential road-map over the next few days so users can see what I'll be adding/fixing first in Shader Sandwich, and I'll take any suggestions into account as well.

Well, this is pretty exciting for me. Not much else to say without rambling and sounding like a teenagers diary, so I'll stop here :D. See you in a week!

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New Screenshots from Charlie's Rainy Day
8 years ago - niggers (Spike1)
Hi everyone! I haven't yet got a response from the Unity team, however it'll probably take until Friday or next Monday :). Anyway, I did stuff! I've been working on Charlies Rainy Day, really trying to work out the look. I think I've got it :D. Here's a (tiny) video showing what I have so far:

And a couple of higher resolution images:
Edit:Updated images with smaller sized jpgs to increase load speed :).

I have a good reason for rendering the video so small; the render times for this thing are looooong. Not Pixar long (4 hours a frame!), but at full HD CRD takes 2 and a half minutes to render a frame, which means that video would have taken half a day to render! However, at that size it's down to a more manageable 10 seconds a frame, so that's good.
Since render times are so high, I'm thinking of upgrading some parts of my computer which'll help considerably.

One other thing I'm not sure about is whether I want to make CRD episodic or not. I'll definitely be releasing it in parts, but I'm not sure whether the parts should be self-contained, or simply flow together to form a film. This'll be important as it changes the flow of the story drastically; then again I haven't even totally worked out the story, so maybe I should do that first!

Ok, see you in a few days with results, trying to keep a good blogging flow :).

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8 years ago - niggers (Spike1)
Hi everyone! So Shader Sandwich got declined (With good reasons, so fair enough). Anyway, I've resubmitted with hopefully all of the problems the Unity team pointed out fixed, so fingers crossed again!

Along with fixing some of the problems I added a couple of new features. The main one is a bug reporting system, with an online interface and stuff. For those interested it can be found here, or through the Forum.

I also forgot to talk about it in the last blog, but I updated parts of the website. You'll notice the new menu bar, a sleeker interface and a bunch of other stuff. The website is far more secure now as well, passwords are actually hashed..... I'm sorry for not doing that sooner haha XD. I've tightened everything as best as possible so it should all be good.

Because of having to work on Shader Sandwich I haven't gotten around to any other projects, but I promise they are happening :). I've managed to speed up CRD renders, but I lost some important documents regarding the story (this seems to be a recurring thing); it shouldn't be a problem though, I'll be rewriting bits anyway so not much was lost.

Ok, see you in a week with results and some other news (hopefully with images XD).

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