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Shells are copies of the model that grow outward, and can, for example, be used for grass or cartoon outlines.

Note: Enabling Shells lets you use the input "Shells/Distance", which is the normalized (0-1) value based on the distance from the base.
Shell Count

The Shell Count defines how many shells there are.


The Distance is how far the shells expand. The shells expand linearly, meaning if there are 10 shells, the 5th shell is half the Distance away from the original model.


The Ease lets you shells collect closer or farther. An ease of zero makes the shells lean closer towards the model, while an ease of 3 makes them expand towards the edge.


Defines when the shells are rendered, before or after the main model.

Skip First

This skips the first shell which would be rendered in the same position as the original mesh.

Here many transparent shells create a fur like effect.
Only one shell is needed to create a simple cartoony outline effect.
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